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Maurice A. Ferré Park: Dog Friendly Spot

Photo of dog by water in Museum park

North of the American Airlines Arena and south of the Perez Art Museum Miami/Frost Museum of Science lies a 30-acre treasure trove for dog owners: the location formerly known as Museum Park. Its current name may be more wordy, but the park remains a go-to spot for doggies in the Downtown Miami area. Many residents nearby live in apartments, so the park is perfectly placed to give large amounts of free range to all the dogs who live nearby. It is situated right on Biscayne Bay and benefits from a cool bay breeze during most hours of the day, and includes long pathways and grassy fields. Palms, banyans, and live oaks are some of the sparse trees that dot the sea of grass and provide good shade. Along the borders of the park there is more shade where the trees grow together. Not to mention it is right by two museums that are known for their architectural beauty. Many people take their dogs down to play at the park and we at Moto Perro take some down there ourselves, because it is just perfect for long walks through grass and by the water. There are not any dog-oriented water sources, which can be seen as a drawback, but this does not seem to bother the dozens of dogs that can usually be seen strolling and romping through the park. It is good for exercising your pooch and meeting other dogs. If you wish to avoid other dogs, there is ample room to go around them as well.

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