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About Us

Welcome to Moto Perro!

Hello there, my name is Jesus Aguilar. I started Moto Perro out of my passion for animals and desire to provide a great personalized service in a loving and protective environment. I've been a furry friend lover ever since I was a child, making connections with animals my whole life.


As a teen, I actively took part in movements advocating for animal rights and opposing animal cruelty and animal abuse in all forms. I believe animals should be treated with compassion, respect, and kindness.

My dream was to be able to turn this passion into a business so that I could work everyday with the animals I love while making them and their owners satisfied and happy.

My vision for my business is to give your pet the treatment that I would want if it were my pet and treat it like a true member of the family. Moto Perro strives to be as personalized as possible because we know that every single dog is different. Understanding the individuality of each animal is a key part of taking care of them, because just like people, no two dogs are alike. As any dog owner knows, each dog has a distinct personality and physical capacity.

Whether your dog needs an athletic workout to stay in shape or just some soothing TLC, our team will be there to provide the customized special attention that your pup needs. Our top priority is providing the best service possible.


Our Core Values​


We channel our compassion for animals into providing them with an experience where they understand that they are being cared for and protected.


We always treat clients and doggies with friendliness and pride ourselves on being approachable and easy to work with.


We are available every day of the year for your companion's needs to make sure that our schedule works with your busy life.


We provide service that goes above and beyond the job description, and that is attentive to the specific details of what our clients request.


We strive to be the best at what we do, every time. Good is not enough for Moto Perro; only excellence that provides pups and clients with the best experience.


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