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Walking dogs in the Miami heat

Miami is known worldwide for its tropical climate that makes it a destination for tourists from all over. As we who live here know, the weather during the warm season can get hot—very hot. A heat index in the upper 90s to low 100s is quite common on a sunny summer day. One thing we at Moto Perro understand is that dogs are just as sensitive to heat as we humans are, and they are susceptible to heat strokes and other heat related ailments. For this reason, we offer some advice for walking dogs in Miami, especially during the warmer parts of the year.

First, remember that doggies don't wear shoes. While the ground might not feel hot to you, their bare paws are making contact with the ground at all times. This is why when walking the streets and sidewalks, take care to make sure your pooch spends enough time in the grass and off the pavement so as to not cause damage to the sensitive pads on your dog's feet. If the ground looks especially hot, stick to the shade or a park and avoid the burning concrete. Your dog will appreciate this, even if they have no way to directly communicate it, as we at Moto Perro have learned. We make sure to monitor how comfortable your dog seems and if the weather is warm we spend ample time in the cool grass to give your doggie's paws a much needed respite.

Dogs come in many shapes and sizes, and some breeds such as poodles grow noticeably longer coats than others. Think of these as massive, full body layers of insulation, like a sweater that's on 24/7. At the beginning of the warm months, consider shaving some of that coat off to make your dog lighter and cooler in the brutal heat of the Miami sun. This is especially important for dark haired dogs, whose coat will naturally absorb much more heat than their lighter counterparts. Doing this will conserve your dog's energy on walks and reduce the likelihood that they have a heat stroke or some other condition resulting from exhaustion. At Moto Perro, we pay especially close attention to long-haired or thick-furred dogs in the sun, and even more so to ones with dark coats, to make sure they don't suffer due to their naturally beautiful appearance.

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