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Dog Walking Apps vs Professional Companies

With the meteoric rise of ride-sharing apps like Uber, some have sought to apply this same technology to other areas in search of the next big thing. One of these areas is dog walking, where apps like Wag boast the ability to book dog care services all through an app on your phone. While this may seem convenient, there are certain drawbacks to this system that should be taken into account now that these startups are receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in seed money to expand their businesses.

So, what are the differences between app services and small businesses when it comes to taking care of your dog? Why should you care? There are a few key differences that we at Moto Perro think you ought to understand.

Firstly, trust and accountability. While app services do not provide the time to build trust and know the individual with whom you are entrusting the health and safety of your pet, small businesses in your area allow you to meet with and know the person who will look after your precious pooch. Building a relationship with a service you trust in your area not only gives you more peace of mind but helps support your local economy instead of a far off tech company.

Second, because professional companies rely heavily on building a good reputation, as opposed to apps that do not face legal repercussions should something go wrong, there is more incentive for a small business to do a good job. Independent contractors working via app do not have a boss nor do they report to a superior, so there is less in place to keep them in line and companies like Wag do not have a way of controlling their behavior.

Due to these factors, there are some concerning stories regarding these app services, such as incidents of dogs being lost or even dying, and some cases of animal abuse. While the majority of walks happen without incident, there is no real way of ensuring your companion is in good hands with these apps.

Now to the uplifting part. Moto Perro, and other small companies like it, do not have millions of dollars from investors and do not operate nationwide out of a single city. They brand themselves by building local connections, so the owners can be contacted or met with personally by you, the concerned pet owner. Essentially, you do not want to put the well being of your dog in the hands of a company that almost always operates without issue; you want to use a service that depends on your very own business and operates without mishaps. Small companies also employ people instead of using independent contractors, so there is more accountability involved and more certainty of good background checks being run. Having the connection within your community makes for a dog walking service you can trust every single time, and the peace of mind that comes from this is invaluable.

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